Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Ladybug Designs

Little Ladybug Designs is a great place to order your holiday cards, invitations or announcements. They also do dvd photo montages! They have a large selection of just about everything! Need to send out thank you cards? They've got you covered! One product I absolutely love is the Mommy Calling Cards! Now next time you meet another awesome mom that you would love to have a play date with, just can just give her one of these adorably designed cards with your name and phone number, your kids names and even their picture! They're also really useful if you are dropping your kids off with a babysitter or any where else because you can print emergency contact info and even any special needs or allergies your child may have on the back side!

They are also having a great giveaway with the holidays just around the corner. You can win a holiday photo card design, but hurry because there is only a day left to enter! Check out Little Ladybug Designs @ http://www.littleladybugdesignsblog.com/

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